About me


Born in Grenoble, France in 1994, Simon Vaskou started playing the piano at 4 years old and entered the Regional Radiance Conservatory (C.R.R.) of Grenoble at 6. He continued his musical studies there, until he joined C.E.P.I. (Pre-professional Initial Teaching Cycle) at this same school, in 2010.

In 2013, he moved to Paris to pursue his specialization, by being admitted to the specialized cycle at the Regional Radiance Conservatory (C.R.R.) of Paris; concurrently, he followed his musicology studies at the Paris-Sorbonne University.



In 2015, he graduated from the C.R.R. of Paris, where he obtained the D.E.M. (Diplôme d’Études Musicales), and from the Paris-Sorbonne University, where he completed his Musicology Bachelor. Soon after, he pursued his specialization in piano studying with professors from Regional Radiance Conservatory (C.R.R.) of Saint-Maur (Paris metropolitan Area) David Braslawsky and Romano Pallottini, before being admitted in 2017 to the third year of Piano Bachelor with professor J-M Dayez at ARTS² – Royal Superior Conservatory in Mons, Belgium. One year after, he successfully graduated from this school obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with “mention”.

Then, in September 2018, he started his Master Degree with professor Jan Michiels at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (K.C.B.). In June 2020, he obtained his diploma in Master of Arts with “mention”, performing the concerto n°3 of S. Rachmaninov op.30.

He also participated to masterclasses, followed classes with, and met a lot of well-known pianists and professors, such as Denis Pascal, Florent Boffard, Georges Pludermacher, Alexandre Tharaud, Kotaro Fukuma, Maria João Pires and Jean-Philippe Collard.

He had as well, the chance to perform in different countries and concert hall, such as the M.C.2 (Grenoble, FR), Salle Stekel (Grenoble, FR) Salle Colonne (Paris, FR), the T-Hotel (Cagliari, IT), the Concertzaal of Koninklijk Conservatorium (Bruxelles, BE), « Atelier Marcel Hastir » (Bruxelles, BE), « la Tricoterie » (Bruxelles, BE), the Franz Liszt Concerthall of Conservatory (Genève, CH), and the Konzersaal of the Universität der Künste (Berlin, DE).

He took part in various Summer Academies, such as « Académies Internationales d’Été du Grand Nancy » (FR), « Académies de Flaine » (FR), « Music’Alp » (FR) or « Pireneos Classics » (ES); he also participated to International Competitions such as Brest in 2016, Liège in 2018 or Antwerpen in 2022.

Meanwhile, he also follows a career as a piano teacher, and he obtained with “mention” a Master of Music Pedagogy in the C.R.B. (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles) in 2023. Since then, he teaches in various Music Academies of the Bruxelles-Capitale Region, such as the Academie of Evere, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Jette.